Pro-Bono Work

Fifth Ocean Consulting, LLC donates services to worthwhile causes every year.  The organization is interested in supporting social justice projects that involve disability issues, youth, the arts, animal welfare and working with faith communities.

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 Pro-Bono Award Recipient is Grand Area Mentoring.

Known as “Moab’s Hero Headquarters,” Grand Area Mentoring connects responsible adult volunteers with at-risk elementary, middle and high school students. Through one-on-one weekly meetings, mentors provide much-needed support to their mentees, and the result is that the students begin to discover their potential and are able to participate more fully in both the academic and public worlds. Mentored students consistently surpass GAM’s program goals regarding academic performance, discipline referral rates, unexcused absences, positive social skills and sustained mentor/mentee relationships.

Not surprisingly, the need for GAM’s services is greater than what the organization can currently provide. Fifth Ocean Consulting is excited to work with GAM to develop strategies for expanding its organizational capacity to better support its mission and the youth of Moab.

For more information about Grand Area Mentoring, please see